Easy Online Business Traffic Tips

Creating a websites gives you a hub, or a place to drive all the visitors you will receive using the tips described in this article. You can always use free blogs, but you are limited in how you can design and edit the graphics and overall template. Having a website that you control your online business from will make sure that you are always in the drivers seat. Also, It seems to be harder to get free blogs to reach the top of the search engine traffic rankings.

Whatever niche your online business is in it is sure to have lots of competition from other competing sites for the phrase that best describes your market. This is where keyword research comes in handy. You want your website to be laser focused on one main topic or theme. Search engines will show your site in it’s search results for that phrases that appear regularly on your website. For example if you run a wireless phone business then the phrase “wireless phone services” would be the best descriptor for your website title and should be used in the headings and throughout the content of your website. While researching you find that the competition is too much to get the type of search engine traffic you want in the time frame you desire. Choosing a longer word in that “wireless phone services” family such as “best wireless phone services comparison”. It should be pretty easy to create a website comparing wireless phone services and still sell your wireless phone products. Also, since “best wireless phone services comparison” is a long tail key word that gets less searches than “wireless phone services” it will be easier to dominate the top spot for that keyword. With enough time your site will even get searched for the main keyword since the phrase is still contained in your long tail keyword.