West Palm Beach Car & Truck Accidents Attorneys

The Law Office of Michael J. Overbeck is a personal injury law firm located in Palm Beach Gardens, exclusively representing individuals and families who have been injured by the carelessness of another. Law Office of Michael J. Overbeck, P.A. offers outstanding legal services for individuals and families who have suffered loss as a result of an injury.

Law Office of Michael J. Overbeck fully understands the overwhelming physical, emotional and financial challenges that accompany serious personal injuries or the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s wrongful conduct. Law Office of Michael J. Overbeck listens to your concerns, guides you on your legal and medical options, and helps you resolve insurance aspects of your case.

Charlotte Bankruptcy Law Firm

The Schwilm Law Firm is dedicated to helping individuals regain the financial freedom. Schwilm Law Firm focuses in the area of bankruptcy
and is determined to work hard to ensure that you will receive the best possible solution based upon your unique circumstances.

It is the firm’s belief that personal attention and dedication to each case is an absolute necessity. Anything short of this standard is unsatisfactory and is not the reason the clients come to the firm. Schwilm Law Firm is not like some law firms
that just run the business as a ‘bankruptcy mill’ without providing personal attention to every individual case. Schwilm Law Firm believes everyone deserves to have every option reviewed. All of the clients receive personalized advice and service based on the unique and individual circumstances.