Floor Cleaning Products

Whether you’re shopping at your local market, online, or at a specialty stores, every company seems to have the perfect product to clean your flooring. Before you purchase those products you will need to determine the proper tools needed to keep your floors clean.

Brooms/Dust mops: The first step in maintaining a beautiful floor is to daily sweep the debris brought into the home off of the floors. This applies to hard wood, most tiled floors and linoleum. You will want to purchase a soft bristled and angular broom or a dust/dry mop. Dirt, sand, and other debris can scratch hard woods and will discolor the grout in tile flooring. Keeping debris off of the floor is the most important step in maintaining the natural beauty of any floor.

Cleaners: The second step in maintaining beautiful floors is the cleaner. For most hard floors including hard wood, all stone tiles and ceramics you will want to use a cleaner that will clean and protect the floor until it’s time to clean again. There are multi cleaners that are available to clean all types of hard flooring. These cleaners gently clean and leave no residue on your floors. For hard wood you will want to purchase a product designed specifically for wood floors. For marble, vinyl, and linoleum flooring you will want to choose a product that will mop and shine the floor in one step. Make sure the product is acceptable to use on no-wax floors.

Mops: Just as important as the cleaners, is the tool you use to apply the cleaners. You should use a soft mop when cleaning hardwood floors, typically made with a terry cloth or similar product. This will help to polish the floors as you clean. For tile flooring including slate, stone, and granite it is best to use a cotton mop or a sponge mop. These mops are best for tiled floors with grout and are also very effective on vinyl and linoleum flooring.

When you compare cleaning products and make the best purchasing decision, Swiffer is a suggestion for you. In 1999, Swiffer made its debut and soon established itself as both a pioneer in the cleaning systems category and a pop culture icon. Swiffer has built a family of distinctive products that are great alternatives to traditional cleaning tools. Today, Swiffer® Sweeper, Swiffer X-LARGE®, Swiffer® SweeperVac®, Swiffer® WetJet®, Swiffer Dusters®, Swiffer® Dust & Shine,and Swiffer® 360o Dusters are used in more than 50 million households worldwide and continue to revolutionize the way people clean their home.

In the end, with the right tools and the right floor cleaning products, you will achieve success in keeping your flooring looking beautiful year after year.