The Extremely Popular Tetris Games

Tetris is a game that is played using Tetriminos. These are game pieces and are fashioned like geometrical shapes consisting of four squares. Any game piece may be given to a player, and this should be arranged in the playing field, which is usually a rectangular space. The player should arrange a Tetriminos in such a way that 10 square blocks must form a horizontal line without any spaces. This will cause the vertical line to disappear. And consequently the blocks above it will fall. Tetris game pieces can be rotated by 90 degrees, until the user finds a particular place to fit the piece. After the user reaches a certain score, he advances to a new level. As he advances, the game pieces fall faster and faster, this increases the possibility of the pieces to pile up and the game ends when the Tetrimonos stack up and touch the upper boundary of the field. Losing a game is generally referred to as “topping out”.

The Grand Master is a very popular variation of Tetris game. Here the player must utilize each and every second, because the game eventually becomes so fast that not even a crucial second can be wasted.Invisible Tetris is another variation. Here the blocks are revealed only when they are in the process of falling and stay hidden until the game gets over.Tetris is a tile matching game of the puzzle genre. It was initially designed by Alexey Pajitnov in the Soviet Union and was released on the 6th of June, 1984. The game was given its unique name by coupling two words tetra and tennis, tetra was used because every piece is composed of four squares and tennis was Alexey’s favorite sport. Hence the name Tetr-is was chosen.

The Tetris game quickly gained popularity and was included in video game consoles, mobile phones and portable media players. The handheld version of Game Boy included the game in its device and the game was extremely successful. It has been voted as the greatest game of all time by many magazines based on surveys from the public.