Things You Should Know About Pop-Up Tents

Many people think that they would like to go on a camping trip, since they have heard stories about what a great adventure in can be, and how good it is to be out in the open air, especially during the summer. However, many people do not like the thought of having to spend time putting up a tent, and it is here that pop-up tents can be a great solution to this problem.Pop-up tents are usually simple camping tents or even beach tents that can be very easily installed by pushing a few poles through the tent fabric. The tent is usually erected in a matter of a few minutes.

Pop-up tents are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles and are very portable indeed. They are also extremely durable and can be packed with utmost ease within a duffel bag and carried along with a lone trekker, a small family with a pet, or even a few wild teeny boppers who prefer having loads of fun on a road trip to nowhere.

The most important factor that should affect and influence the buyer while going in for a pop-up tent should be the waterproofing provided. Most manufacturers proudly claim that their product is 100% waterproof. However, what they tend to forget is that there is a basic difference between waterproof and “water-resistant” material. Most of the tents are either made up of polyurethane or nylon with fiberglass floors. Most are not waterproof, but merely water-resistant. A water-resistant tent would be something that wards off a surprise shower, as well as mildew. However, using such a tent in a perennially wet climate wouldn’t be a very bright idea.

Most pop-up tents come with Velcro attachments, zipped doors and mesh windows for proper ventilation. However, before buying such a tent, the buyer should not get attracted merely by color and design. He should look for space according to the needs of his family or group, as well as consider his budget and the climatic conditions of his camping location, before taking the ultimate plunge.

Most pop-up tents, however, may be used in a variety of climatic conditions, and are indeed a must-have for the compulsive traveler who looks for an opportunity to say “No!” to Monday mornings.

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