The Greatness of Outdoor Advertising

Although out-of-home advertising pales in significance compared to media such as television and is regarded as a supplementary advertising medium, OOH is nonetheless a very important form of marketing communications. Out-of-home advertising is the oldest form of advertising, with origins dating back literally thousands of years. Although billboard advertising is the major aspect of outdoor advertising, outdoor media encompasses a variety of other delivery modes: advertising on bus shelters and other street furniture, advertising at the airports. For example, Terminal 3 at Delhi’s airport- India’s busiest international airport- is inundated with billboards, posters and flat screen monitors that air short, soundless ads.

Another factor supporting the growth of outdoor media is commuting time: “Today’s consumers are spending more time out of home and in their car than they are watching TV.” During the 20th century the idea of Outdoor advertising in India was replaced by the idea of out-of-home media, referring to any media opportunity enabling advertising to connect with consumers once they leave their homes.
Outdoor Advertising in Delhi is indeed a boom to the marketing sector. It has not only benefitted the retailers/sellers but also the consumer by spreading awareness about various goods and services and now with advent of technology everything seems far too good to be true.

Outdoor advertising in India has also helped to speed up the process of development in developing southern countries like India.
The Indian outdoor environment continues to see steady growth and continues to be a media vertical that is growing when most other established forms of media communication are struggling to maintain revenues in an already very competitive and fragmented market. According to industry reports, the outdoor media is poised to grow at a 14 per cent CAGR year on year for the next five years. If we compare this to an international average of an 8 per cent CAGR growth, it augurs well for our industry in India.

Today, outdoor media plays a lead role in almost every media plan and has graduated from being a reminder or recall media format to, in many cases, a lead media format. Outdoor media today is increasingly being used to increase the incremental reach of media campaigns due to their extreme localization and high penetration levels. With the expansion of road networks, cities and towns are now being connected and the world is literally becoming a smaller place. Outdoor Advertising in Delhi plays a huge role in connecting the audiences on a common visual media platform across this ever increasing network.