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The laws in Maryland regarding car accidents can be confusing and many drivers misunderstand key facts and regulations. Before you get behind the wheel in Baltimore, learn which commonly held beliefs about car accidents are fact and which are fiction.

1. Fact or Fiction: Drunk drivers cause most accidents. Since you don’t drink and you’re rarely on the road after “happy hour,” you have nothing to worry about.

Fiction: According to the Maryland State Highway Administration, car accidents caused by inattentive or distracted drivers outnumbered those caused by drunk or impaired drivers — by almost five-to-one. So don’t assume that because you drive responsibly and don’t drink, it can’t happen to you; driver distraction occurs at all hours of the day and in all kinds of driving conditions.

2. Fact or Fiction: If another driver hits my car, their insurance company will pay for my damages and injuries.

Fiction: Auto insurance is mandatory — but the reality is that not everyone on the road is covered. In fact, auto insurance within Baltimore is typically much more expensive than other cities in Maryland. As a result, low income drivers who rely on their cars to get to work may skimp on insurance to save costs. The bottom line — just because you obey the law and have insurance for your vehicle does not mean the other driver does.

3. Fact or Fiction: You don’t need to pay for Maryland Personal Injury Protection because you already have health insurance that will help cover my costs if you are injured.

Fiction: Maryland Personal Injury Protection or PIP is a type of coverage you can purchase with your auto insurance policy that pays medical bills and lost wages caused by car accident injuries. While coverage only extends to the amount your policy covers, it is worth purchasing. The benefits included in PIP are available regardless of what other benefits you may receive from other sources (including the other driver, if he or she is at fault), and your health insurance won’t pay for lost wages. PIP also covers medical costs for your passengers in addition to you.

4. Fact or Fiction: Responsibility in a car accident is pretty cut and dry; anyone can tell who was to blame.

Fiction: Determine responsibility in a car accident can actually be quite complex. Police reports, witnesses and detailed accident scene investigations can all play an important role in evaluating the cause of an accident and who was at fault.

5. Fact or Fiction: If you’re injured in a car accident, you need an attorney.

Fact: An experienced attorney can help protect your rights following a traumatic injury. You can concentrate on your recovery while your legal counsel investigates your claim, determines who was at fault and prepares a case with your best interests in mind.
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