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Atec, Inc.

Engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, and energy services.
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Barr Engineering Company

Provides solutions in engineering, environmental, and information technology.
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Chazen Companies

Engineers, planners and environmental professionals.
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ChemMet, Ltd

Chemical engineering corporation which emphasizes chemical processes and their impact on containment materials and the environment and corrosion control.
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EBA Engineering Consultants

Provide geotechnical and environmental services in Arctic regions and transportation construction services.
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Fleet Technology Limited

FTL carries out research, development and engineering in support of the transporation, environment, and resource/energy sectors.
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Howard R. Green Company

Provides civil engineering and surveying, building systems engineering, aviation services, environmental design, and consulting services to government, industry and commercial clients.
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Luxfer Group

International group of companies that manufactures high performance engineering materials.
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Stable Micro Systems

Texture analysis software.
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