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CTA Manufacturing, Inc.

Manufactures a variety of products ranging from textile bags, covers, and soft cases for a variety of industries.
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Fusion Manufacturing

China-based manufacturer offering services for electronics and plastics contract manufacturing. Includes manufacturing and assembly, prototyping, and procurement services.
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Group of companies which manufactures a wide range of engineering and consumer products.
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Gowan Milling

Specializes in supplying contract formulation, micronizing, manufacturing, and custom packaging services to the agriculture, industrial, and chemical markets.
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Herald Holdings Limited

Manufactures plastic and electronic toys, magnetic tape heads, cookware, watches, and clocks.
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MicroMex Inc.

Arranging electronics, mechanical, and labor-intensive assembly services.
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Olin Corporation

Producer of copper alloys, ammunition, and chlorine and caustic soda.
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Sohre Turbomachinery

Features self-cleaning bristle fiber brushes for high speed rotating equipment which can prevent bearing damage from stray electrical currents.
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Texon International

Suppliers and manufacturers of footwear products, non-woven and cellulose products, industrial tack and nail, and more.
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