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Education and Reference

Accredited Online College Degrees

Lists and offers information on online accredited degrees, diploma, and certificate programs for associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate levels.
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Hosts services that provide networked information, data, and software to the education community.
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Irascible Professor, The

Personal commentary on the successes, failures, and foibles of the American education establishment.
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Marr/Kirkwood Official Guide to Business School Webs

Directory of business schools on the Web. Reviews, bibliography of articles on schools and links to financial aid resources and more.
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Math League Multimedia

Sponsors math contests and sells problem books and math educational software.
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My MBA Career

Directory of campus-based and online MBA degree programs. Browse listings and request information from the school of your choice.
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Mythweb: Greek Mythology

Devoted to the heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology. Also provides teachers with resources for teaching Greek mythology.
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Schools of Business

Matches students looking for business training with area schools. Programs include accounting, e-business, marketing, and more.
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Transparent Language

Develops language learning, reference, and translation software.
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Vocabulary University

Sells booklets of root word puzzles for learning English vocabulary. Site includes interactive puzzles.
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